The choice of the diving support vessel (DSV) is a very critical item in every project. Some vessels are designed specifically for supporting divers, others have wider multi-role function including diver support.
Sometimes the DSV is provided by the client, sometimes the client prefers that we do it and that we take in charge the DSV management.

In the years we gained experience in working with several DSVs having different characteristics, so now we can help our clients in doing the right choice too.

When we are asked to charter the DSV and provide the full marine spread in addition to the diving, we have to:

  • find the right vessel in the market
  • check accurately all the project specific requirementsin terms of:
    • deck space
    • lifting capability
    • accommodation
    • manoeuvrability
    • dynamic positioning (a sophisticated system in which thrusters maintain the ship's precise position over the work site)

We co-operate with several shipowners with whom we have established relationships based on reciprocal confidence and trust, to ensure that offshore operations are conducted safely and within the required time frame.

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We have been our Client’s eyes and hands into the water for over 50 years.
We can assist you in complex projects and take full responsibility on critical packages to help you to reach your goals.

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