Rana carries out all diving operations in accordance with the highest industry standard.
Rana meets all the needs of the client by selecting the most efficient ane cost effective diving method, or methods, for each project.


Air and saturation Diving

Surface supplied air diving

Allows operations up to a maximum of 50 metres water depth. Decompression is carried out in accordance with Rana’s Air Decompression tables, either in-water or in the decompression chamber.

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Air diving with a mobile/portable system

These systems have the advantage of being readily portable, thus offering greater flexibility during the diving operation, but are limited in the supply of breathing air available.

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Saturation diving

Rana has hundreds of thousands of hours of saturation experience and can provide skilled personnel, next-generation portable Saturation Systems and certified equipment to perform any kind of project that requires work at depths down to 200 metres water depth or even deeper.

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